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4 Well-Designed Craft Beer Websites

4 Well-Designed Craft Beer Websites

4 Well-Designed Craft Beer Websites

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be working with our first international client, a bad a** brewery in Stuttgart, Germany set to launch in November. In honor of this project we’re all excited about, here are 4 Well-Designed Craft Beer Websites we found while doing research on the project. Let us know what you think!

Fort Point Beer Co.

This site uses clean use of typography and color. When it comes to pure functionality it gives a great showcase of what they are offering in regards to beer selection. Through every beer, you click on within there grid of flavors. The page that is displayed for the beer has a consistent design all throughout every beer showcase page expect the colors match that of the beer selection which indicates they are using a CMS for each beer selection.

STL Beer

Unlike the first beer website, STL Beer’s website uses a strong and vibrant color palette with simple illustrations like for instance their beer pass at the bottom of the page. Just to mention this site is not just a single brewery entity rather it is a hub for a good majority of breweries located locally in St. Louis. Either way, it is a well-designed website.


Moving on to a website I feel is this best site out of all these, which is Calidad beer. The colors of this site are sublime and well put together. One thing I love about this site is the imagery and snazzy animations. What is also cool is that they also sell merch and it is really well designed and curated, but we are talking about the website here.

Oliver Brewing Co.

Speaking of well-curated sites take a look at Oliver Brewing Co. The typography treatment is well thought out and concrete. Like Fort Point Beer Co the site also has a showcase of their current selections of beers but does not mimic the color of the can like Fort Point Beer Co does.

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